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The Financial Empowerment Programme™

What exactly is The Financial Empowerment Programme™?

It is the process of determining and achieving your life goals through professional financial planning and the proper management of your wealth and finances.

  • The Planning Review Programme™

    This stage recognises that effective financial planning is a continuous process and not a one-off event. Progress of your plan is reviewed (usually on an annual basis) and modified to take account of changes to your circumstances. This review provides an opportunity for you to reassess your aspirations and to review your financial plan in the light of performance and any changed circumstances.

    The Matrix Capital Team employ a powerful mix of mathematical reasoning and emotional understanding to ensure that you continue to receive the best possible service.

    Following the review, Private Clients will receive a revised copy of The Strategy Platform™ Report reflecting any agreed amendments to your financial planning. Otherwise, a written summary of any issues arising from the review meeting will be provided.

    The level of service provided is determined through discussion with you. Our aim is to reflect your particular needs and aspirations within the service provided.

  • The Impact Report™

    This is a written report confirming the specific recommendations made by us at the Implementation Meeting. It documents and records the key elements of our advice, the rationale behind any advice and provides a clear explanation of the reasons why particular actions have been recommended and why they are suitable in the context of your agreed objectives.

    The Impact Report™ demonstrates the effect that the implementation of specific recommendations has had on your financial plan. In other words you will know where you are, you will know what you want to achieve and know what remains to be done; highlighting what further work may be required from the Matrix Capital team or other professional advisers.

  • The Implementation Planner™

    This is the point at which the outline recommendations agreed at The Strategy Platform™ stage are translated into detailed recommendations covering specific investments, pension arrangements or protection products, which we will offer you from the whole of the market. It may also involve us working with your other advisers, such as your accountant or solicitor.

    Detailed recommendations are presented to you and, subject to your agreement; any necessary documentation or instructions to third parties are completed at the Implementation Meeting. We will confirm specific recommendations made by us along with the rationale for each individual element of our advice. We will provide a clear explanation of the reasons why particular actions have been recommended and why they are suitable in the context of your agreed objectives. This will be embodied in the next stage of the process.

  • The Strategy Platform™

    This is your bespoke personal financial plan, which outlines how to make most effective use of financial resources in order to meet your aspirations and objectives. At this stage our recommendations are presented generically as the objective is to provide a platform from which we are able to formulate and agree specific recommendations as to how your financial arrangements are structured now and in the future.

    You will receive The Strategy Platform™ Report which is a bound Financial Plan incorporating detailed analysis and generic recommendations outlining the actions that need to be taken in order for you to reach your stated goals.

  • The Gap Analysis™

    During The Gap Analysis™ phase, our team process and analyse all of the information and data collected from all sources. Financial planning is both an art and a science; therefore attitudinal data gleaned from you forms an important part of this stage of the process.
    Reports are generated at the end of this stage showing projected outcomes measured against stated objectives. The type of reports will be determined by your aspirations and priorities. For example, we typically analyse existing funds held with a new client’s pensions, ISAs and other investment wrappers and report on them. We also typically include an inheritance tax computation.

    The purpose is to highlight any shortfall, possible planning opportunities or over-provision within your current financial planning objectives. It assumes no changes are made to your current planning and therefore in simple terms provides you with a ‘snapshot’ of the future if you were to carry on as you are – highlighting areas for particular attention during the next stage.

    Clients also find that this stage helps to sense check their aspirations and can sometimes allay fears or provide reassurance.


  • The Clarity Builder™

    The Clarity Builder™ is designed to identify your aspirations and financial objectives, where relevant personal and financial data is collected, and planning assumptions are agreed.

    We work with you to gain an understanding of what is important to you; and use Our First Conversation™* to help you crystalise your thinking about your aspirations and to identify the risks you are exposed to, your most opportunities and your strengths.

    At the end of this stage you will receive a Portfolio Report which sets out accurate and up-to-date information on your existing arrangements and provides all the information necessary for our professional team to complete the next stage.

    *Our First Conversation™ is based on the D.O.S.® worksheet, which is a registered trademark and copyright owned by The Strategic Coach, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with written permission.


The six steps to Financial Empowerment

The Financial Empowerment Programme™ consists of six stages designed to assist you with taking a holistic approach to professional financial planning.

Working through these stages will allow you to establish where you are now, what you may need in the future and how you may reach your goals and achieve your aspirations.

In summary, The Financial Empowerment Programme™ provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It offers an understanding of how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your financial position. For example, making a large gift to a family member may jeopardise your financial position in later life if you required expensive long-term domiciliary or nursing care.

Viewing each financial decision as part of a whole process will allow you to consider the short and long-term effects on your life goals. It could enable you to adapt more easily to life changes and create an element of security that confirm that your goals are on track.



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